Craft Story

Block Printing:

A process where the fabric is printed by hand with the help of hand carved wooden blocks and color. Block printing is still highly preferred in today’s modernized time in order to maintain the natural feel and three-dimensional artistic aura.

Fabric Geek Fact:

It takes five carvers up to 3 days to create a printing pattern in one block. Further to create a design it can take up to 5-6 of the wooden blocks to make one printing design. [Approx.]

Hand done Embroidery:

Hand embroidery is the craft that takes years to master. First the design designed for embroidery is traced on the fabric and hundreds of stiches are made to complete one embroidered dress. It’s only done with perfection by a skilled craftsperson.

Know Your Fabric


The most used purest fabric since centuries made from the product of cotton plant can be worn anywhere anytime with the lowest maintenance and easy breezy vibe. We are using Cotton fabric to make you look good and feel even better.

Cotton Tussar Silk:

Made out of 50 percent cotton and 50 per cent of silk. Leaving the fabric looking rich and bit of love struck glossy.

Cotton Silk:

Love Silk, for its richness! But wearing it in summer is just no-no. Cotton Silk is a fabric with composition: 70% pure cotton plus 30% of pure silk. Making it possible to wear silk in summer and winters.


A Sheer lightweight fabric to keep summers happening. Carefully and specially made from highly twisted yarns of silk.

Fun fact (For Fabric Geeks):

Alternating S and Z twist yarns in both warp and weft makes the crinkly surface of Georgette.


The rich, sheen and transparent Chanderi is made out of high quality yarns of silk and cotton to give feminine fabric the sheer texture. Chanderi can be handloom or power loom.

Crazy Fact:

The transparency in Chanderi is by the use of single Flature quality of yarn. Flature Yarn is the quality of yarn when the glue of raw yarn is not taken out.

Handloom Khadi:

Also know as Khaddar, The fabric is hand-woven spun out of cotton developing the characteristic of keeping you cool in summers and warm in winters. The production of Handloom Khadi is done in villages promoting local small-scale craftsmen. Isn’t it amazing?

Fun fact:

The first fabric of handspun Khadi was woven with the commencement of the Boycott Movement in India; dated back to 1920’s.

Cotton Linen:

Made from the fibers of flax plant and yarn of cotton, cotton linen is used to make you feel cool and fresh in this hot weather. Best fabric for people with allergies or eczema.

Crazy fact:

In Egypt, household linen is used during mummification to wrap dried mummies because of its non-rotting & anti fungal characteristic.

Disclaimer: The Fun facts are picked up from the random links from Google.